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1st round of the Croatian Triathlon League 2020

The Croatian Triathlon League was supposed to have 3 rounds this year (Trogir, Split and Zagreb), and the finals in Zagreb, which decides the national winner. Due to epidemiological reasons, Trogir was canceled so that in Split on 22.08.2020. the 1st round of the HT league was held as part of the 22nd Marjanski đir. Younger ages competed in super sprint distance and aquathlon.

In the men’s sprint distance, Andrej Vištica won, and in the women’s category, the winner was Sonja Škevin.

Marco Polo Challange
Croatian Championship in medium length triathlon

The 10th Marco Polo Challange was held in the magical and unique Korčula, in one of the most beautiful Mediterranean oases, in the culturally and historically rich treasury of our history, from 18 to 20 September 2020.

The tenth anniversary was an opportunity to pay homage to this city’s first medium-length triathlon (also known as the half Ironman – 1.9 km swimming / 90 km cycling / 21.1 km running).

The track from Korčula to Vela Luka was quite demanding, and high temperatures created additional pressure on the competitors. As an introduction to the main race, the competition was held in shorter distances (sprint triathlon, relay sprint triathlon – and humanitarian road race at 5 km).


1. Andrej Vištica TK Swibir 4:11:04
2. Eugen Popović TK Maksimir 4.27:54
3. Jadran Domančić TK Samobor 4:28:29

1. Maja Urban TK Tri-tim 5:04:23
2. Željka Šaban Miličić TK Swibir 5:16:01
3. Elisabetta Vitasović HTS 5:19:51 

It was a day to remember: the weather was beautiful, even though we were swimming in the neoprene, the air temperature in the morning was 19 ° C and towards noon the temperature rose to 35 ° C!

The atmosphere among the contestants is outstanding, family like, and yet competitively serious.

It was an unforgettable weekend in which everyone will bring valuable memories for themselves, which will enrich their own treasury of memories.

Promotion of triathlon at the Faculty of Kinesiology in Split

At the invitation of the Faculty of Kinesiology in Split, Triathlon Club Imotski presented – IDEA.

In the beginning it was – IDEA, the idea settled in those who dared to dream, it was taken over by those who had the courage and turned it into – REALITY.

We thank you for the invitation and hospitality: Dean D. Sekulić, vice deans: H. Karninčić, Ph.D. Mr. Gabrilo, M. Spasić and especially N. Sekulić.
We thank all the 2nd year students who gave us their time and attention.
Thank you Nataša Šustić and Luka Škević for their cooperation and support.

Proud member of Croatian triathlon federation

On December 7, 2020, the Board of Directors of HTS made a decision to admit the Triathlon Club Imotski to the associate membership of the Croatian Triathlon Federation with all rights and obligations, and the decision on admission to full membership will be made by the Assembly at the next session. The Croatian Triathlon Federation as the umbrella organization of triathlon sports in Croatia was founded in 1994. HTS is a member of the European (ETU) and the International Triathlon Federation (ITU).

Christmas is a time for giving

we have prepared Club membership cards and T-shirts for our members

News from the world of triathlon

Three-time world champion and Olympic triathlon winner from 2008, German Jan Frodeno (38) did the Ironman triathlon at home in 08:33:39!

Frodeno first ran 3.8 km in a pool with a water-powered swimming device that allows him to swim in the smallest possible space, then rode a bicycle on rollers for 180 km, and finally ran a marathon, 42.2 km, on the treadmill.

Double world champion in Triathlon and Ironman disciplines Mirinda Carfrae lost a virtual race after her husband tripped and unplugged the power cord on her virtual trainer, which also knocked Miranda out of the race. What an idiot, ”Carfrae said with a laugh.

Carfrae had a very good run in the 90km race and held a leading position for a long time against Jocelyn McCauley (America), Angela Naeth (Canada) and Jeanni Seymour from South Africa, and the race was shown live on Facebook.

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