⚔️ Marco Polo Challenge, Korcula island, Croatia

Korčula, 22.04.2024.

👉 Sprint triatlon

🔵 Results (M):

🥇Dragan Jovanović | TK Kotor | 1:08:06

🥈Krsto Lalić | TK Kotor | 1:13:10

🥉Boris Markota | TK Swibir | 1:13:18


Results (Ž):

🥇Silvija Rimaj | TK Zrinski | 1:23:12

🥈Marija Marković | TK Kotor | 1:23:27

🥉Ivana Katić | TK Zrinski | 1:28:03


Congratulations to the winners of the sprint triathlon and to all the competitors who enriched this edition of the Korčula triathlon 👏


👉 There was also a humanitarian road race “Treasure Hunt” through the streets of the old city center, which was a real refreshment and which the children especially enjoyed.



7. Mostar Half marathon – polumaraton | 18.03.2023.

It’s nice to witness and be a part of this race that grows year by year and becomes better and more recognizable. Therefore, congratulations to the organizer and good luck in your future work!

We especially praise the atmosphere at the race and the fantastic volunteers, and it was especially nice to see the children on the track who gave us the best support.

We can’t forget to mention our friends from Du Motion, who are already a top-notch volunteer team that gives extra charm to every race.

👉 Results:

🥈 Josip Jerković | M55 | 1:28:34

Tonko Tomaš | 1:29:41

Matko Divić | 2:09:25


➡ Winners | M:

Đuro Borbelj 1:08:06 | rekord staze

Arany Attila

Ivan Dračar


➡ Winners | Ž:

Jasmina Pitamic

Nataša Šustić

Marija Vrajić Trošić


🌍 Congratulations to everyone  👏

📷 thank you to everyone who framed these moments with their kindness 👏



23. Split Marathon | 26.02.2023.

Split maraton je i ove godine pokazao svoju već standardnu vremensku nepredvidljivost.

Vrijeme je zapravo kao na lutriji: možete se kockati koliko hoćete, ali sve do starta ne znate što vas čeka. No unatoč tome, Split maraton je nezaobilazan događaj kojeg morate dodati u svoj kalendar i sigurno nećete pogriješiti.

Rezultati (chip time):

👉🥉 Josip Jerković | polumaraton | M55 | 1:31:54

👉 Marijan Tandara | polumaraton | 1: 47:20

👉 Žan Smoje | polumaraton | 1:58:24

👉 Nives Šimić | polumaraton | 1:59:31

👉 Maja Negovanović | polumaraton | 2:00:50

👉 Maja Kesić | polumaraton | 2:34:29

👉 Matko Josipović | polumaraton | 3:03:05

👉 Branko Dodig | maraton | 3:31:09

👉🥉 Tonko Tomaš, član štafete Mosoraške sikire | mješovita štafeta | 3:20:52

👉 Maraton štafeta | TK Imotski |

Antonija Pavić/Martina Miletić/Ana Simon/ Matko Divić | 4:40:45

Pobjednici | maraton:

🥇 SIMPSON Robbie | GBR | 2:20:55

🥇 ILIJAŠ JASMINA | CRO | 2:55:54

Pobjednici | polumaraton:

🥇 KIMAIYO Hillary Kiptum Maiyo | KEN | 1:06:29

🥇 MATEBO Ruth Chemisto | KEN | 1:20:34

Čestitke svima, a posebno izdvajamo nastup našeg Ivana Dračara koji je u maratonu zauzeo odlično 5. mjesto s vremenom 2:33:39, što je ujedno i najbolje hrvatsko vrijeme na utrci 👏


Rijeka | 20.12 – 23.12.2022

We will be happy and proud to share the great results:

Lucia Kučan
2nd junior and junior senior | 200 m dolphin | 2:23.81
2nd junior | 400 m mixed | 4:49.38

From the following year, Lucija becomes a member of the Croatian swimming team.

What better way to say goodbye to the old and welcome the New Year!




From 1992 to 2022, Zagreb Marathon is one of those not to be missed.

This was also a beautiful anniversary, congratulations to the organizer and thanks for another successful organization.




Recently, a competition of police officers and officers of the Ministry of the Internal affairs was held in Đakovo. 4th memorial “Šimo Đamić – Shield of the Homeland” | 09.09.2022.
The start of the 30 km long race was in Trnava, and the finish was in front of the cathedral of St. Peter.

In doing so, the competitors overcame various obstacles and tasks: running, orienteering, swimming, shooting, assembling weapons, all while carrying a rifle and 10 kg of equipment.

Congratulations to our ladies: Nives Šimić and Nikolina Kuvačić, who also did this task superbly!


Nives Šimić and Nikolina Kuvačić 03.07.2022. successfully completed their first competition in the Ironman discipline in Klagenfurt – Austria (3.8 km swim, 180 km bike, 42 km run) with times 14:05:56 / Nives and 15:25:46 / Nikolina.

It is difficult to describe this pride, happiness and satisfaction after crossing the finish line as a satisfaction for all that our girls did to successfully end such a sports adventure. So much struggle with oneself, so much renunciation and persistence to become better, stronger, and faster every day; in spite of everything. Congratulations girls!!


We would like to thank Outdoor People magazine, which in this issue dedicated time and space to tell the story related to the BlueRedGreen Lake project.

On pages 116 to 129 you can read more about:

➡2. BlueRedGreen | sXTRI

➡1. Race for the soul

➡MultiSport league


We are pleased to present the new Triathlon Club Imotski jerseys.



Marathon (42,195 m) is a royal discipline whose history is linked to the famous ancient battle of Marathon more than 2.5 thousand years ago (490 BC). Running a marathon is a challenge for everyone; for both professionals and amateurs.

Now imagine the challenge of running 2.5 marathons, or more precisely 100 km. Just such a challenge was offered today by the 5th Polojska ultra 100km in Slavonski Brod.

The performance of the mixed Antelope relay team: Nives and Josip Šimić, who completed the section of 50 km/5:06:26, is commendable.



We congratulate the organizer of the Split Marathon for the great organization and superb experience of another edition of the Split Marathon.

Special congratulations to all members of the Club for a great performance and a great time together. This was another special day for all of us. Thank you!

Also, we highlight the performance of Ivan Dračar, who won 3rd place in the overall standings in excellent competition!!

BlueRedGreen Lake
presentation of the project at the Faculty of Economics in Split


Today, the BlueRedGreen Lake project was presented at the Faculty of Economics in Split:

(sprintXtriathlon, Race for the Soul, Ultramarathon). . The project is carried out in cooperation with and with the support of the Faculty of Economics and Kinesiology in Split and the Association of Croatian Tourist Guides. Every story starts with – An idea.

The idea – to bring sports content that is in itself interesting, acceptable and attractive; involve children and young people in recreational sports; to promote the City of Imotski and the Dalmatian hinterland as a sports and tourist destination for active holidays that will be desirable and recognizable on the global tourist map .. 

We thank: ~ Faculty of Economics for the invitation and hospitality:

Dean – Vinko Muštra
vice deans – Smiljana Pivčević – Branka Ramljak
especially – Ljudevit Pranic

~ to all the students who gave us their time and attention, who assisted in the presentation and who were a wonderful audience,
~ Faculty of Kinesiology Split and the Association of Croatian Tourist Guides, which have been supporting us in this project from the very beginning.

As a student of the Faculty of Economics in Split, it was a great pleasure for me to be among my fellow students and professors today and to remember the student days that have remained in my fondest memories.

In cooperation with the Faculty of Kinesiology in Split and with the support of the Association of Croatian Tourist Guides, the BlueRedGreen Lake project (sprintXtriathlon, Race for the Soul) was presented today at the Faculty of Kinesiology in Split.

Every story starts with – An idea. Ideas are translated into words, words into deeds, and deeds build stories.

The idea – to enable children and parents to participate in a joint sports competition where both are competitors and fans. A family event that builds shared memories.

We thank: ~ Faculty of Kinesiology for the invitation and hospitality:

Dean D. Sekulić,
vice deans: H. Karninčić, Ph.D. Mr. Gabrilo, M. Spasić
especially Nataša Sekulić, who always charms us so pleasantly,

~ to all 2nd year students who gave us their time and attention, and who were a wonderful audience,
~ to our Ambassador Nataša Šustić for cooperation and support,
~ Kristina Nuić Prka, President of the Association of Croatian Tourist Guides at the tourist promotion of the City of Imotski as a sports and tourist destination.

This was another inspiring gathering and we look forward to continuing our collaboration

Zadarhalf  Triathlon



We visited the 8th Zadarhalf Triathlon.

In the exceptional Falkensteiner resort towards the end of the triathlon season, the penultimate half Triathlon in Croatia this year was held.

It was nice to enjoy the race and hang out with dear friends.

Congratulations to all participants, winners and organizer!



Jadran Domančić
– An Imotian who conquers the world of triathlon


Jadran Domančić was born on August 13, 1991. in Imotski. He grew up and lives on the island of Hvar. He started triathlon in 2019 when he made his debut in the Ocean Lava Montenegro race. Jadran is the current national champion in the medium length triathlon held in Korcula in 2021. He is also the winner of the international race Ocean Lava Montenegro 2021. Among other significant results we can single out two third places at the national championships in medium length triathlon and sprint triathlon in 2020.

In July, he performed at his first Ironman. – one of the toughest from the Ironman series, Ironman Lanzarote 2021 where in fierce competition he took an excellent 24th place.

With the support of coach Dejan Patrčević, he believes he can progress and one day win the Ironman race


  1. Split Marathon



The 21st Split Marathon was held today. With special pleasure we congratulate the winner of the Split marathon – Ivan Dračar, as well as the winners of the half marathon in the M55 category Josip Jerković and in the W50 category Katarina Kokan,

but also to everyone who performed today (Tonko Tomaš, Barbara Reić, Maja Negovanović, Matko Divić).



11. Marco Polo Challenge: Korčula

Croatian Championship in Medium Long Triathlon (half Ironman)


23. Marjanski đir (In memoriam Ivica Radeljić)


Continuing the long tradition, the 4th round of the Croatian Triathlon League for the Croatian Sprint Triathlon Championship was held in Split yesterday.

Congratulations to all participants, winners and organizers of the Split Triathlon Club.


Vukovar dove

– cycling stage Zagreb – Vukovar


The city of Vukovar has a special place in Croatian history, and more importantly in the hearts of all of us as a place where love rose above hatred, courage replaced cowardice, and the cry for freedom resounded in space, bringing so much desired freedom.

Members of the Triathlon Club Imotski – Cycling Section Zagreb wanted to pay tribute to the City of Heroes by riding a 303 km long cycling section from Zagreb to Vukovar, connecting the Croatian capital with the east of Lijepa naša, promoting positive and healthy values ​​through recreational sports, but also and the tourist potential of this area, emphasizing the natural and cultural beauties of Sisak, Lonjsko polje, Zlatna dolina, Lipik, Đakovo, Vinkovci …

Vukovar dove – is the name of the cycling stage by which our members wanted to thank all the true heroes who brought us the freedom we have dreamed of for centuries. Our famous poet Ivan Gundulić in the 17th century. in his famous work “Anthem of Freedom” he wrote:

“O beautiful, O dear, O sweet freedom,
a gift in which all the treasures of the highest God has given us,
cause the truth of our all glory,
uresu the only one of this Dubrava,
all silver, all gold, all human lives
I cannot be the reward of your pure beauty! “

This trip also had a humanitarian message for the Vukovar Butterflies Association from Vukovar. This is the Association of Parents of Children with Developmental Disabilities, which we wanted to show with a small, symbolic donation that we think of them.


Trogir triathlon – 1. round of Croatian triathlon ligue


From the World of Triathlon

An amazing year in which the world records in the Ironman distance were broken twice:

KRISTIAN BLUMMENFELT in Mexico on November 20, 2021. set a new world record in the IRONMAN distance (3.8 km, 180 km, 42 km) with an impressive time of 7:21:12 (

By the way, Blummenfelt is a Norwegian triathlete and Olympic winner from Tokyo (2021).



German Jan Frodeno makes the impossible possible: the 2008 Olympic winner and three-time world Ironman champion defeated his Canadian rival Lionel Sanders in a one-on-one direct duel at the Ironman distance, improving his own world record.

At the ‘Zwift Three Battle Royale’ held in Immenstadt in the German region of Allgäu, on July 18, 2021, Frodeno finished in a time of 07:27:53. With this, Frodeno also improved his best world time of 07:35:39, which he set in 2016 in Roth, Germany. Lionel Sanders set a time of 07:43:30, setting a new personal best.

Marjan tour
1st round of the Croatian Triathlon League 2020

The Croatian Triathlon League was supposed to have 3 rounds this year (Trogir, Split and Zagreb), and the finals in Zagreb, which decides the national winner. Due to epidemiological reasons, Trogir was canceled so that in Split on 22.08.2020. the 1st round of the HT league was held as part of the 22nd Marjanski đir. Younger ages competed in super sprint distance and aquathlon.

In the men’s sprint distance, Andrej Vištica won, and in the women’s category, the winner was Sonja Škevin.

Marco Polo Challange
Croatian Championship in medium length triathlon

The 10th Marco Polo Challange was held in the magical and unique Korčula, in one of the most beautiful Mediterranean oases, in the culturally and historically rich treasury of our history, from 18 to 20 September 2020.

The tenth anniversary was an opportunity to pay homage to this city’s first medium-length triathlon (also known as the half Ironman – 1.9 km swimming / 90 km cycling / 21.1 km running).

The track from Korčula to Vela Luka was quite demanding, and high temperatures created additional pressure on the competitors. As an introduction to the main race, the competition was held in shorter distances (sprint triathlon, relay sprint triathlon – and humanitarian road race at 5 km).


1. Andrej Vištica TK Swibir 4:11:04
2. Eugen Popović TK Maksimir 4.27:54
3. Jadran Domančić TK Samobor 4:28:29

1. Maja Urban TK Tri-tim 5:04:23
2. Željka Šaban Miličić TK Swibir 5:16:01
3. Elisabetta Vitasović HTS 5:19:51 

It was a day to remember: the weather was beautiful, even though we were swimming in the neoprene, the air temperature in the morning was 19 ° C and towards noon the temperature rose to 35 ° C!

The atmosphere among the contestants is outstanding, family like, and yet competitively serious.

It was an unforgettable weekend in which everyone will bring valuable memories for themselves, which will enrich their own treasury of memories.

Promotion of triathlon at the Faculty of Kinesiology in Split

At the invitation of the Faculty of Kinesiology in Split, Triathlon Club Imotski presented – IDEA.

In the beginning it was – IDEA, the idea settled in those who dared to dream, it was taken over by those who had the courage and turned it into – REALITY.

We thank you for the invitation and hospitality: Dean D. Sekulić, vice deans: H. Karninčić, Ph.D. Mr. Gabrilo, M. Spasić and especially N. Sekulić.
We thank all the 2nd year students who gave us their time and attention.
Thank you Nataša Šustić and Luka Škević for their cooperation and support.

Proud member of Croatian triathlon federation

On December 7, 2020, the Board of Directors of HTS made a decision to admit the Triathlon Club Imotski to the associate membership of the Croatian Triathlon Federation with all rights and obligations, and the decision on admission to full membership will be made by the Assembly at the next session. The Croatian Triathlon Federation as the umbrella organization of triathlon sports in Croatia was founded in 1994. HTS is a member of the European (ETU) and the International Triathlon Federation (ITU).

Christmas is a time for giving

we have prepared Club membership cards and T-shirts for our members

News from the world of triathlon

Three-time world champion and Olympic triathlon winner from 2008, German Jan Frodeno (38) did the Ironman triathlon at home in 08:33:39!

Frodeno first ran 3.8 km in a pool with a water-powered swimming device that allows him to swim in the smallest possible space, then rode a bicycle on rollers for 180 km, and finally ran a marathon, 42.2 km, on the treadmill.

Double world champion in Triathlon and Ironman disciplines Mirinda Carfrae lost a virtual race after her husband tripped and unplugged the power cord on her virtual trainer, which also knocked Miranda out of the race. What an idiot, ”Carfrae said with a laugh.

Carfrae had a very good run in the 90km race and held a leading position for a long time against Jocelyn McCauley (America), Angela Naeth (Canada) and Jeanni Seymour from South Africa, and the race was shown live on Facebook.

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