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14. Korčula triathlon – Marco Polo’s Chalenge

Organized by City of Korčula, Tourist board of City of Korčula and Triathlon club Imotski, The “14th Korčula Triathlon – Marco Polo’s Challenge” – Korčula Championship in medium-long triathlon will take place from April 26 to April 28 2024. Also, fans of shorter distances will be able to enjoy the sprint triathlon and relay competitions in both disciplines. Get to know all the splendor of the city of Korčula as a famous Mediterranean oasis through the humanitarian road athletics race “Streets of Korčula” in a “treasure hunt” that takes you through the streets of the old town.

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HALF triatlon

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BlueRedGreen Triatlon | 2024

In the city of deep lakes, at the beginning of July, a race connects three special lakes that take the breath away of every competitor…

The swimming part opens in the Blue Lake (Modro jezero), followed by one of the longest and most demanding transitions in the triathlon world (T1|1.2 km).

The cycling section in which you ride one lap from the Blue Lake (Modro jezero), across the Red Lake (Crveno jezero) to the Green Lake (Zeleno jezero), is pure hedonism for every cyclist… The exceptional beauty of this area has been rewarded by the inclusion of the Blue and Red Lakes on the UNESCO list of geoparks.

The race segment offers an unforgettable experience: the ascent to the century-old fortress Topana (10th century), entering the city center in the city’s peak with the finish next to one of the 10 most beautiful football stadiums in the world (Gospin Dolac football stadium) round off a spectacular story intertwined over 515 steps …

BlueRedGreen Triathlon invites you this year to join us and experience it

“The toughest and most spectacular sprint triathlon race in the world”

(Andrej Vištica: Croatian Ironman record holder)

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BlueRedGreen Triathlon

About us

The story of the Club, its identity and vision is also highlighted on our coat of arms.

The pictogram on the coat of arms is based on a classic design that represents the position of competitors in triathlon, where segments of swimming, cycling and running alternate at the locations of natural monuments of the Blue and Red and Green Lakes. 3 lakes for 3 disciplines are also 3 laps that symbolize the desire to be better and stronger – nurturing at the same time sports and Olympic spirit. All roads in Imotski lead to the Blue Lake – its blue color is enchanting; it is the color of simplicity and nobility. The golden six-pointed star and the laid golden crescent (which are also on the coat of arms of the town of Imotski) are ancient historical symbols of beauty and youth. Triathlon is a sport, and sport has always been more than movement; it is a way of growing up, maturing, and traveling the path of life.

As part of the Blue  Red  Green  Lake project, we want to promote triathlon as an attractive, dynamic and desirable sport, but also the City of Imotski as a sports and tourist destination.

Triathlon club Imotski was founded on 12.5.2020. in Imotski, and is also the first triathlon club in the area of Imotski and Dalmatian Zagora.

Honorary members:
Čedo Paić – a man of exceptional human and sports qualities, a great athlete – from rowers to triathletes and marathoners,
1st Croat who competed in triathlon in 1984 (Netherlands),
1st Croat who completed the Ironman distance (1985),
top sports coach, great painter and humanist;

Borko Prvan – one of the founders of triathlon in Croatia, winner of the first medal in triathlon for Croatia at the European Championships (1994), participant, creator and initiator of almost all important triathlon and multisport events (Jarun Gigatlon, Split Bachetlon) that gather more and more fans attractive sports; a man who has been promoting sports and triathlon in the best possible way for the last 35 years, a professor and erudite.


Matea Parlov Koštro

participant of the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2021 – with an excellent 21st place in the marathon; silver medalist at the European Marathon Championships in Munich 2022, she is a multiple national champion and record holder in middle distances

Nataša Šustić 

athlete who pushes the boundaries – multiple Croatian champion in rowing (skiff – lightweight singles) (2016, 2017, 2018, 2019), bronze in singles (2019), champion and runner-up in basketball, duathlon, triathlon, cycling and road running.

Andrej Vištica

He broke the Croatian Ironman record several times, and in 2022, at the Ironman Vitoria Gaste in Spain, with a time of 8:07:10, he once again marked the history of Croatian triathlon by setting a new Croatian record. He is the winner of many world Ironamn titles, and in 2013 he also became the European champion in the Ironamn distance (3.8 km swimming, 180 km cycling, 42.2 km running). He is the winner and record holder of the BlueRedGreen Triathlon course in Imotski 2021 and its official ambassador.


Blue Red Green  Lake

BlueRedGreen | sXTRI

The swimming part opens in the Blue Lake, followed by one of the longest and most demanding transitions (T1 – 1.2 km) in the triathlon world… The cycling section in which you ride one lap from the Blue, through the Red, to the Green Lake is pure hedonism for every cyclist… The exceptional beauty of this region has also been rewarded by the recent inclusion of the Blue and Red Lakes on the UNESCO list of geoparks. In the end, entering the city center and climbing the last 100 or so steps, passing one of the 10 most beautiful football stadiums in the world with the finish within the centuries-old walls of the Topana fortress round off a spectacular story about the Imot triathlon that started on 19.07.2020

Run for the soul

As part of the BlueRedGreen Lake project, in cooperation and with the support of the Faculty of Kinesiology and Economics in Split, in addition to triathlon, we are also developing road running. We would like to see children and parents perform together at a sporting event in one place, which would be stimulating for both, but would also enrich the family album with beautiful memories.

We definitely want to attract primarily as many children as possible and give them the opportunity to feel the joy of running in their city. In the city of Tino Ujević, a race with and for the soul…

Dalmatian triathlon league

Movement in the open air, in direct contact with nature through swimming, cycling and running activities or in their combination (triathlon, duathlon, aquatlon) are a great year-round activity for all age groups!

The league is of a recreational and competitive nature, and covers the area from Imotski, Split, Brač, Trogir, Šibenik, Zadar to Dubrovnik.

Through this league, we want to promote sports and socializing, and at the same time discover and present the beauty of the Dalmatian coast and hinterland.


Marjan tour
1st round of the Croatian Triathlon League 2020

The Croatian Triathlon League was supposed to have 3 rounds this year (Trogir, Split and Zagreb), and the finals in Zagreb, which decides the national winner. Due to epidemiological reasons, Trogir was canceled so that in Split on 22.08.2020. the 1st round of the HT league was held as part of the 22nd Marjanski đir. Younger ages competed in super sprint distance and aquathlon.

Marco Polo Challange
Croatian Championship in medium length triathlon

The 10th Marco Polo Challange was held in the magical and unique Korčula, in one of the most beautiful Mediterranean oases, in the culturally and historically rich treasury of our history, from 18 to 20 September 2020. The tenth anniversary was an opportunity to pay homage to this city’s first medium-length triathlon (also known as the half Ironman – 1.9 km swimming / 90 km cycling / 21.1 km running).

The track from Korčula to Vela Luka was quite demanding, and high temperatures created additional pressure on the competitors. As an introduction to the main race, the competition was held in shorter distances (sprint triathlon, relay sprint triathlon – and humanitarian road race at 5 km).




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President: Matko Divić
M. +385 (0)91 529 5730
Vicepresident: Ivan Milas
Secretary: Luka Kolovrat

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