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The story of the Club, its identity and vision is also highlighted on our coat of arms.

The pictogram on the coat of arms is based on a classic design that represents the position of competitors in triathlon, where segments of swimming, cycling and running alternate at the locations of natural monuments of the Blue and Red and Green Lakes. 3 lakes for 3 disciplines are also 3 laps that symbolize the desire to be better and stronger – nurturing at the same time sports and Olympic spirit. All roads in Imotski lead to the Blue Lake – its blue color is enchanting; it is the color of simplicity and nobility. The golden six-pointed star and the laid golden crescent (which are also on the coat of arms of the town of Imotski) are ancient historical symbols of beauty and youth. Triathlon is a sport, and sport has always been more than movement; it is a way of growing up, maturing, and traveling the path of life.

As part of the Blue ° Red ° Green ° Lake project, we want to promote triathlon as an attractive, dynamic and desirable sport, but also the City of Imotski as a sports and tourist destination.

Triathlon club Imotski was founded on 12.5.2020. in Imotski. Club structure: Matko Divić, president; dr.sc. Ivan Milas and Ivica Divić, vice presidents; Luka Kolovrat, secretary.

Honorary members:
Čedo Paić – a man of exceptional human and sports qualities, a great athlete – from rowers to triathletes and marathoners,
1st Croat who competed in triathlon in 1984 (Netherlands),
1st Croat who completed the Ironman distance (1985),
top sports coach, great painter and humanist;

Borko Prvan – one of the founders of triathlon in Croatia, winner of the first medal in triathlon for Croatia at the European Championships (1994), participant, creator and initiator of almost all important triathlon and multisport events (Jarun Gigatlon, Split Bachetlon) that gather more and more fans attractive sports; a man who has been promoting sports and triathlon in the best possible way for the last 35 years, a professor and erudite.


Matea Parlov Koštro

– she is a multiple national champion and record holder in the middle distance, with the 3rd best Croatian time in the marathon – 2:28:52 and the 3rd best women’s time in the half marathon – 1:11:54, of all time. Matea has met the Olympic norm for Tokyo in 2021 and will be part of the Croatian Olympic team that will represent Croatia.

Nataša Šustić

athlete who pushes the boundaries – multiple Croatian champion in rowing (skiff – lightweight singles) (2016, 2017, 2018, 2019), bronze in singles (2019), champion and runner-up in basketball, duathlon, triathlon, cycling and road running.

Triathlon club Imotski is the first triathlon club in the area of Imotski, and Dalmatia. Here are some of our famous members:

Marino Jukić
– a professional triathlete, Champion of Croatia in the M20 category, and 2nd in the absolute cup of Croatia in 2018.

Ivan Dračar
– Croatian champion in the marathon with a fantastic result of
2:24:30h (2021)
– Croatian runner-up in the half marathon with a fantastic result: 1:10:45 (2020)

Josip Jerkovic
– Winner of the bronze medal in the M50 category at the Croatian Championship in road running at 10 km (2020). At the Croatian Athletics Championships for veterans, Josip competed in the 800m, 1500m and 5000m. In his category, Josip won in all disciplines.

Katarina Kokan
– Marathon result – 3:07:50

Lucija Kućan
– vice-champion of Croatia in 25 m swimming pools in the category of junior women in the disciplines of 200 m dolphin and 400 m medley (2022), member of the Croatian swimming team

Nives Šimić and Nikolina Kuvačić
At the beginning of July, our ladies showed their indomitable character: at the most demanding triathlon competition held in Klagenfurt, Austria (July 3, 2022), they successfully completed their first competition in the Ironman distance


Is primarily among children and young people, but also other age groups to promote a basic physical activity through outdoor sports: running, cycling and swimming or in their combination – triathlon, duathlon, aquathlon, and which as such are an excellent year-round activity in order to adopting a healthier lifestyle,

we believe that the City of Imotski and its wider area, but also the entire Dalmatian hinterland have excellent predispositions for the organization and practice of all outdoor sports, especially triathlon and its disciplines,

we want the Club to be a generator and promoter of sports events in the area of the City of Imotski and Dalmatian hinterland in order to create a recognizable sports and tourist destination for active holidays, which is the framework for a better tomorrow.

A city of deep lakes, great poets and top athletes

The soul of each region is given by its heritage and customs. Every place in this area has its own hidden story. Along with legendary athletes and artists, discover the legend of the origin of the lake, the secrets of hajduk, how the fortress of Topana fatefully determined the border of our state; a source of defiance, combativeness and inspiration of the people of this area and much, much more.






A city of deep lakes……

Imotski is an old historical town whose first mention dates back to the 10th century. It was founded on the foundations of the old Croatian parish of Emothe.

Imotski region is known as the City of Lakes, which nature has endowed with 13 lakes of which 11 are filled with drinking water.

The most famous lakes are natural monuments:
Blue, Red and Green Lake.

Blue lake

it is one of the most beautiful karst lakes in Croatia. Its water level fluctuates considerably throughout the year so it is not uncommon for it to dry out completely.

In these cases, football is played at its bottom. During the summer months, there is usually enough water for swimming, and it is not uncommon to play various water sports.

Due to heavy rains and the sudden influx of water from underground springs, the water in Blue Lake can change color from blue to turquoise blue.

Red lake

is among the deepest in Europe (245 m) with an altitude difference of 528 meters. Red and Blue Lakes are natural phenomena of world importance. An initiative has been launched in Imotski to include Red and Blue Lakes on the UNESCO list of geoparks.

Green lake

is named after the emerald green color that attracts visitors. It is located in the village of Ričice, near Imotski. Today, sailboats, boats and many swimmers can be seen on it.

A City of great poets…

Tin Ujević (1891 – 1955)

He is a cult figure of Croatian literature whose poetry is still alive and just as relevant as it was a hundred years ago when it was created…

Vlado Gotovac (1930– 2000)

Gotovac was a great  speaker. He is best known for his speech in Zagreb in front of the then building of the Command of the 5th Military District of the Military Court in Zagreb on August 30, 1991, on the occasion of protests by mothers of soldiers forcibly detained in the then JNA.

“..Because we who are not armed are no less brave, we are no less proud, we are no less in love with our homeland. If we have no weapons, we have the strength of what brought us here, the strength of our love, the strength of our dignity, the strength of our willingness to die, if we cannot live as human beings. And that’s what we don’t give! That’s why I’m not afraid! That is what Croatia existed for, for what it exists and for what it will exist!

A city of top athletes…

Mate Parlov (1948 – 2008)

He is the only boxer in the history of the sport who has won Olympic, European and world amateur, as well as European and world professional titles in the same category. He was named the best Croatian athlete of the 20th century.

Josip Pavić

Olympic and world champion in water polo. In 2012, he was named the best water polo player in the world.

Zvonimr Boban

Captain and player of the Croatian national football team that won a bronze medal at the World Cup in 1998

Ante Rebić

Member of the legendary Croatian national football team, which played the finals of the World Cup in Russia in 2018

Ivan Strinić

Together with Ante Rebić, a member of the legendary Croatian national football team that played the finals of the World Cup in Russia in 2018.

Matea Parlov Koštro

Participant of the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2021 in the marathon; silver medalists at the European Marathon Championships in Munich 2022, multiple national champion and record holder in middle distances.

Marino Jukić

Professional triathlete, one of the best Croatian triathletes. Croatian champion in the M20 category, 2nd in the absolute cup of Croatia (2018).

Mladen Frankić

Surgeon, the first Dalmatian doctor to complete the Ironman distance: 3.9 km swimming, 180.2 km cycling and 42.2 km running (2019)


E-MAIL: tki@tkimotski.hr

OIB: 59453420567
IBAN: HR15 2407000 1100190952

President: Matko Divić
M. +385 (0)91 529 5730
Vicepresident: dr.sc. Ivan Milas
Secretary: Luka Kolovrat

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